Philip Phantom is a lifestyle fashion brand that aims to make sophisticated timepieces for smart & discerning individuals.

By cutting out unnecessary costs & high mark-ups, we are offering well designed timepieces for greater value. By doing so, more attention is focused towards delivering our product quality with better value. This simply means our customers get to enjoy similar product quality compared to larger established brands at 1/3 of their selling price.


We only partner with selected professional watchmakers that have years of experience in producing watches for major brands.

And through our fair agreement & commitment with them, they help us achieve our mission of bringing luxury products with excellent craftsmanship to our customers.


Automatic movement has hundreds of tiny parts & components. Producing each Philip Phantom watch can take a huge amount of time requiring intensive labor to achieve perfection, quality & durability. By controlling our sale quantity & reducing inventory, we are able to reduce the production cost and help our customers save more! 

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